Exhibition center «Korme»

3 Dostyk street, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

+7 (7172) 52-43-12, 52-43-21

Meeting room A

 Meeting rooms are equipped with modern heating and air conditioning; they have natural daylight and artificial lighting.



Seating Type (capacity, people)

Price, KZT







Meeting room A

Area:  140 sq.m




100 000

150 000

250 000

Included in the cost of lease: tables, chairs, speaker’s stand, and registration desks.

Additional hour rental**

Meeting room A

Payments in excess of the leased time: at hourly rate. Part hour: as full hour. 

55 000

30 000

25 000

** Additional lease time for the Congress hall or a meeting room is deemed to be time between 18.00 and 09.00 and / or the time used in excess of the leased and paid time.