Exhibition center «Korme»

3 Dostyk street, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

+7 (7172) 52-43-12, 52-43-21

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Today on September 21st 2016 four International Industrial Exhibitions opened at thew EC Korme

The scientific exhibition "Future Energy"

Today on August 26, 2016 the intellectual event in the format of the scientific exhibition "Future Energy" is held at the EC “Korme”.

Meeting held at EC Korme

Meeting between Kazakhstani and Chinese experts of Exhibition Industry was held at EC Korme on 8th of August, 2016.

National Dog Show in Astana

On 6-7 August 2016 National Dog Show was held at the EC "Korme"


Today, on June, 23, 2016 the international specialized exhibition of stock-raising and poultry farming -“AGRIANIMALS.KZ-2016" was opened at the Exhibition center “Korme”.